Concrete repair is a more efficient and cost effective alternative to concrete replacement. With the development of treatments like Mudjacking and Polyjacking, concrete repair is easier than ever. Knowing which solution is best for your concrete needs can be difficult, though. Thankfully, local concrete contractors are experts at lifting and repairing concrete, and they are always ready to help you make the concrete repair decision that is best for you!

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Cost – Tearing out existing concrete and replacing it is costly. Many of concrete repair issues can be resolved through Mudjacking, though, which is a much cheaper alternative. Comparatively, industry experts estimate that Mudjacking can save you an estimated 50-75% vs. concrete replacement.

Solutions – Mudjacking can solve a range of problems like un-level concrete pads, sunken steps, uneven sidewalks, and the uneven joints in concrete pads.

When it comes to resolving these issues, this solution is as easy as one, two, three.

Process – This three-step process is simple and effective. First, concrete contractors drill a series of holes into the problem area of concrete. Next, sand based grout (proprietary blend) is pumped under the same slab, raising the area to the desired height. Then, the drilled holes are patched with cement. Once this last step is completed, your concrete will be ready after the hole patches have dried.

Efficient – In addition to saving you money, Mudjacking will save you time. When you choose this concrete repair solution, you will eliminate the time and cost of demolition, removal of materials, and the re-landscaping of surrounding areas. This concrete solution is so effective, that most projects are completed within one day, in fact most are in a couple hours.


Another great concrete repair alternative is Polyjacking (polyurethane concrete lifting). This option is ideal for individuals who are looking for the most efficient and non-invasive procedures. If you want to save on time and improve the overall appearance of your concrete surface, Polyjacking is an absolute must.

Smaller Holes – The holes drilled during this process are much smaller that are those produced from Mudjacking. In fact, the 3/8″ & 5/8” injection holes that are drilled into your concrete are so small that you will hardly notice them once they are patched.

Fewer Holes – Since Polyjacking goes in as a liquid it will spread much further than traditional Mudjacking; therefore requiring less holes drilled in a slab.

Moisture-Resistant Properties – Need a concrete repair made in an area that is exposed to moisture frequently or how about an area that is submerged in water? When it comes to moisture, this material is up to the job. It is not only resistant to water. It can be applied underwater or in places that are exposed to high levels of moisture. Because of this characteristic, this concrete repair solution will hold up longer over time.

Erosion Proof – Polyurethane will not degrade over time since it is hidden from the UV light under the slab, it will essentially last forever. It will never erode or wash out.

Time – In addition to being a more durable and attractive alternative, this is also a quicker process. In a matter of hours this process can completed, leaving your concrete ready in no time. Have a time restriction? No problem! Your concrete repair will be completed in no time!

If you have a slab of concrete that needs repair, consider one of these effective alternatives before you turn to concrete replacement. Both Polyjacking and Mudjacking will save you time and money. When it comes to concrete repair, it is important that you take the time to determine the option that is best for your needs.

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