How does your home rate on the curb appeal scale? Does it earn a 10 for its well-manicured lawn and pristine windows and shutters? Does it get a low score because of an unkempt garden and dirty siding? No matter where it falls on the scale, there is always room to improve your home’s curb appeal.

driveway curb appeal

Boosting your home’s first impression does not require a huge investment (of time or money).

Start With A Few Basic Improvements To See A Major Improvement

Today, we’re talking about one of the major pieces of your home’s curb appeal. When you drive up to your home, the driveway, patio and garage are some of the most prominent features. We’ll start with the concrete driveway; Our next few posts will explore the patio and garage.

We’re going to address how to fix any concrete driveway issues, like cracked concrete or uneven slabs. Then, we’ll share some tips for making sure your concrete driveway looks clean and in excellent condition.

Fix Up Your Concrete Driveway

Is your concrete driveway in good condition? Take a few minutes to examine your concrete driveway. Walk around the entire surface, looking for any sunken slabs, uneven areas, or cracks in the concrete. Concrete lifting can resolve major issues with your concrete driveway, while cracks may just need to be sealed to make sure that weather and elements don’t continue to deteriorate the concrete and cause further damage.

Your concrete driveway might benefit from a thorough cleaning to remove any ugly oil stains. Consider a pressure wash. After your driveway is clean, your next step is to jazz up your plain concrete driveway. Many homeowners choose decorative stone driveway edgers or use fence posts and sections as driveway markers. Choose something that matches your home’s style. These upgrades will make a big impact on your home’s curb appeal.

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