Epoxy Floor and Garage Floor Coatings

When choosing the optimal flooring layer or floor covering for concrete floors, the majority of people would certainly recommend epoxy flooring finishes. Epoxy coatings have a great number of advantages and is a wonderful option for your garage concrete flooring. When it comes to improving your garage flooring into an extremely sturdy surface area, garage area floor coverings should enter your mind. The factor is that this kind of covering can last a life time. In fact, with a commercial grade grinding installation for adhesion, it can last for decades. Normally with minimal maintenance, one can anticipate the garage flooring to remain immune to spots, splits and any sort of kind of deterioration.

Garage Flooring Ideas

One popular option for garage flooring is the epoxy vinyl chips which are very durable and long lasting. We have an unlimited number of colors for options

Garage Flooring Trends

The newest trend in garage flooring is the new metallic epoxy finish. We have numerous options for colors and different application designs.

Planning for a floor improvement or restoration? Do you have a suggestion on what’s the latest in the business floor covering market? The most up to date information is that epoxy flooring is making inroads into industrial floor coverings and the residential markets. Be it any kind of homeowners home or industrial establishments, epoxy floor coverings is becoming the current trend because of its longevity, appearance and a lot of crucial reason related to hygiene and state requirements.

One could choose floor tile flooring and VCT floor coverings, yet these don’t work effectively under moist health conditions, given that being porous they absorb dampness, provide fowl smell and become breeding ground for bacteria. We provide business epoxy flooring remedies. Epoxy flooring can be set up over concrete, ceramic floor tile floors, plywood floorings, steel cooler and freezer panels and several various other sorts of floor coverings. Our floorings are one hundred percent accumulation of smooth marble-chip, metallic finishes, colored epoxies, ¬†and quartz epoxy flooring, which is big, resin-rich, when installed, they are equally distinctive, with slip-resistant finish having 1/8″ and 3/16″ density.

The advantages of epoxy floor covering is separated into three classifications namely healthy, resilient and appealing. Under healthy and balanced category, our floorings are anti-microbial, simple to clean, eco-friendly, insect shielded, wetness safeguarded, odor-free, seamless, and slip-resistant. Under sturdy classification our floors abides by numerous areas, are long enduring, as they are resistant to chemicals, severe temperatures, and massive foot visitor traffic. And for our desirable classification just browse our floor gallery, we have numerous different colors, shade options, and styles. We can custom install company logos.

Steve H.

I was looking for a dependable long lasting flooring solution for my garage floor and was tired of looking at the dirty grey old concrete, when i bought my new house the garage was finished off, except for the garage floor. After this company installed the epoxy coating with chips, it was finally complete. Satisfied Customer!

Our epoxy floor is made with an indispensable EPA-registered anti-microbial part that impedes microbial growth. Microbes like fungus, Yeast, Germs, and Actinomycetes. Epoxy floors being non-porous and slip resistant are simple to wash. And as they call for less water, much less chemicals and solvents they operate in ecological pleasant manner. The areas where application of epoxy floor covering is suggested to obtain best benefits are food solutions and dining establishments, healthcare, institutional, labs, aquatic, pet health facilities, public moist areas, and sports centers.

We also offer commercial flooring cleaning tools, which is a versatile automated scrubber. The common nylon cleansing brush shifts from smooth to textured floors making it ideal for restaurant kitchen areas, pet care properties, public toilets, or any sort of institution that needs to be thoroughly tidied up. We are committed to the highest specifications in all our services. From the development and manufacture of our epoxy floor covering, to our setup and customer support, we consistently strive for quality and 100 % consumer satisfaction.

Residential Decorative Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy flooring is not limited like a decade ago, the newest styles in decorative coatings are metallic finishes. Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Kitchens, Basements, etc

Commercial Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy coatings are the most durable flooring that can withstand any industrial application. We have epoxy finishes that are decorative and can be used in high end looking applications